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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia


On 21 April 2008, in New York, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia David Bakradze completed a series of his meetings with Permanent Representatives of the Group of Friends to the United Nations. Minister Bakradze briefed the Ambassadors of the United States, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Germany to the United Nations on the incident that took place on 20 April 2008 and stated that the fact of shooting down by a MIG-29 "Fulcrum” Russian fighter jet of an unarmed Georgian reconnaissance drone (UAV) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs violates Paragraph 4, Article 2 of the UN Charter prohibiting the use of force against the territorial integrity of any State.


Publication date: 21.04.2008

On 21 April 2008, on the Georgian side’s initiative, a telephone conversation was held between President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili and President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

Given the comments that the Russian side found expedient to make on the conversation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia is compelled to disclose main points of the discussion held between the two Presidents.

The President of Georgia expressed his categorical protest over the act of aggression committed on 20 April 2008 when a MIG-29 "Fulcrum” Russian fighter jet shot down an unarmed Georgian reconnaissance drone (UAV) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs over Georgian territory.

Publication date: 21.04.2008

On 20 April 2008 at 09:53.31 local time a MIG-29 "Fulcrum” Russian fighter jet shot down an unarmed Georgian reconnaissance drone (UAV) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs over Georgian territory.

The Government of Georgia strongly condemns the act of aggression that took place on 20 April 2008 in Georgia.  This act endangers the maintenance of peace and proves unequivocally that Russia is not a neutral party or facilitator of the negotiation process aimed at peaceful resolution of the conflict in Abkhazia, Georgia.  Rather, the Russian Federation represents a party to the conflict disregarding the vital interests of the peaceful population of the region. 

According to simultaneous NATO-standard radar data released by the Georgian Ministry of Defense, the Russian aircraft took off from an illegally occupied airport in Gudauta, Georgia at 09:48 and following the act of aggression returned northward, entering Russian airspace at 10:06.

Georgia has released high quality video footage of the unprovoked attack which clearly identifies the aircraft as Russian.

Publication date: 20.04.2008
By Joseph Biden and Richard Lugar - Earlier this month at the NATO summit, the United States sought to win support for the extension of Membership Action Plans (MAPs) to Ukraine and the Republic of Georgia. These plans are the final preparatory step for states seeking to join the Alliance. Both Ukraine and Georgia have established themselves as Western-looking democracies and are worthy candidates for NATO membership Unfortunately, some NATO members balked in the face of strong Russian opposition, and because NATO works by consensus, both countries' bids failed. While the United States failed to secure MAPs, the administration did succeed in securing a pledge in the final communique that in the future, Ukraine and Georgia "will become members of NATO" and that MAPs could be extended as early as December. This was a major success after a damaging setback. While MAP is a tangible step, it does not promise membership. The communique signed by NATO leaders did.
Publication date: 20.04.2008

The Russian Federation has made yet another very dangerous step, which aims to legalize factual annexation of Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region/South Ossetia – integral parts of the internationally recognized territory of Georgia.

On 16 April Russian President V. Putin instructed the Russian Government to enter into direct cooperation, in disregard of the Government of Georgia, with representatives of the de facto authorities of Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region/South Ossetia. By the same instruction list of documents issued by Abkhaz and South Ossetian de facto state agencies to individuals that are recognized by the state agencies of the Russian Federation is defined; Legal personality of legal entities, registered under the legislation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which is considered as lex personalis of such legal entities, is recognized; The Russian executive authorities were tasked to provide cooperation and legal assistance in the field of civil, family and criminal cases; The Russian Foreign Ministry’s local representations in Krasnodar district and in the Republic of North-Ossetia-Alania were entrusted with the task of performing consular functions to provide assistance to persons permanently living in Abkhazia, Georgia and the Tskhinvali Region/South Ossetia, Georgia. Moreover, plans were made to consider an additional set of proposals intended to further deepen cooperation in this direction.

Publication date: 17.04.2008
On 3 April 2008, following the NATO Summit in Bucharest, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia David Bakradze held a briefing for Georgian and foreign journalists at the Parliament’s media center.  The Georgian Foreign Minister made a statement concerning the Bucharest Summit’s decision on Georgia and Ukraine: ‘MAP is a technical instrument en route to accession to NATO. Today Georgia and Ukraine did not get Membership Action Plan but what they did get from the full membership of the North-Atlantic Alliance is something far more important – a firm pledge that Georgia must become a member of NATO and this is the Alliance’s strong and open commitment. Today NATO took a decision that Georgia and Ukraine will become members of the North-Atlantic Alliance. It is a historic decision and we hope that before the meeting of foreign ministers in December we will succeed in assuring all our partners. Today we were given political consent to membership’.
Publication date: 03.04.2008

On April 1, 2008 the United States House of Representatives unanimously passed Resolution 997 Expressing the strong support of the House of Representatives for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to enter into a Membership Action Plan with Georgia and Ukraine.


On February 14, 2008 the United States Senate also passed the same type of Resolution (S. Res. 439 Expressing the Strong support of the Senate for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to enter into a Membership Action Plan with Georgia and Ukraine) giving voice to overwhelming Senate support urging NATO to grant Georgia and Ukraine admittance into NATO’s Membership Action Plan (MAP)

Publication date: 01.04.2008

On 21 March 2008 the State Duma - Russia’s lower house of the Parliament, issued a statement on 'the Russian Federation’s Policy with respect to Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Transdniestria.’

This document, which views the sovereign right of a country to determine independently its own foreign-political priorities as a motive for justifying infringement of Georgia’s territorial integrity, presents yet another attempt to interfere openly in the internal affairs of the neighbouring sovereign State and is directly aimed, in terms of both meaning and pathos, against the main principles of international law, UN Charter and UN Resolutions.


Publication date: 24.03.2008

The main topic discussed by Mikheil Saakashvili and Condoleezza Rice was the situation in the conflict regions of Georgia. The Georgian side officially informed the Secretary of State about the difficult situation in Abkhazia. Condoleezza Rice expressed her certain concern. During the visits held in the United States it became clear that they support the territorial integrity of Georgia and will never concede the destruction of the Georgian borders. During the meeting the subject of Georgia’s integration into NATO was also discussed. The official position of the United States is that they will do their best to assist Georgia to get MAP in Bucharest.

During the meeting Condoleezza Rice expressed her positive attitude towards the meeting held in Moscow with their Russian colleagues.

Publication date: 20.03.2008

On the March 19th the President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili delivered a speech at the Atlantic Council. The main topic of his first U.S. speech since his re-election in January was Georgia’s integration into NATO. Making the case for NATO membership, Georgian President spoke how Georgia has moved from a "failed state” into a thriving democracy and one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. NATO is a "values based alliance” and Georgia has proven by deeds that it shares those values. While many contend Georgia should choose a middle way between Russia and the West, Saakaskvili declared there is "no middle ground between evil and good.”

Publication date: 19.03.2008
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