Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia

Publication date: 2014-08-22 MFA launches new website for consular affairs

The web page contains lots of interesting and useful information concerning the work of consular offices, however the main novelty is a web based electronic system, which was developed by MFA and by means of which you will be able to submit an application requesting the specific consular service.

For details, please visit:

Publication date: 2014-09-11 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia makes the statement commemorating 13th anniversary of September 11th tragedy

Today, September 11 of 2014, marks the 13th anniversary of the tragedy that affected the world. On September 11, 2001, the terroristic attack was held against the United States that took away the lives of around 3000 innocent individuals. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia expresses its deep condolences and pays tribute to the lives of fallen. 


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