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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia


Publication date: 2015-12-11 Congressman Ted Poe makes a Statement Supporting Georgia

On December 10, 2015 Co-Chair of the Georgia Caucus, Congressman Ted Poe (R-Texas) submitted a supportive Statement on U.S.-Georgia Relations to the House of Representatives (114th Congress, First Session). Congressman underlined the importance of a strong U.S.-Georgia relationship. The statement mentions that Georgia is an ally of the U.S. that is a beacon of hope for democracy and capitalism in Eastern Europe. 

Publication date: 2015-12-11 Tinatin Khidasheli continues meetings at the Hill

Minister of Defence of Georgia Tinatin Khidasheli continues her meetings at the United States Congress. Georgia’s Defence Minister has already met with the U.S. Senators - Ron Johnson and Bob Corker and U.S. Congress Members - Mark Meadows, Steve Chabot, David Cicilline, Duncan Hunter, Reid Ribble and John Shimkus. Democratic and Republican members of the U.S. Congress confirmed their steady support for Georgia’s territorial integrity, sovereignty and Euro-Atlantic aspirations. They thanked the Georgian Defence Minister for Georgia’s contribution to international security.


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